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Accident Interviews and Surveillance in New Castle, Pennsylvania

D Best Investigations is a private investigation firm in New Castle, Pennsylvania, providing accident interviews and surveillance and security services. We serve Western Pennsylvania and Eastern New York. Our services have been successful in missing persons cases, fraud, and marital infidelity, to name just a few.
Mechanic, Transmission Repair in Richmond, VA
Mechanic, Transmission Repair in Richmond, VA

Accident Interviews

Our accident interviews are especially helpful in personal injury cases, accurately recreating the scene of the accident and proving which version of event is true, as well as who is at fault.

Victims, witnesses, and first responders are interviewed to obtain material for the recreation, and recordings are made as necessary.

Evidence is collected where necessary, and the information and evidence obtained are used to accurately reconstruct the accident, measuring distances and minimal speeds at which the
accident occurred.


The most common request for surveillance comes from insurance companies and individuals who suspect their significant other may be cheating on them. Insurance companies contract our services to ensure that a person who is out of work and collecting insurance payments is actually not working. Video surveillance is used to track the activities of the person in question, and decide whether they're actually hurt, or if they're just working the system.

Video surveillance may also be used to track the activities of a potentially unfaithful spouse or lover. Hopefully, our private investigators can set your mind at ease, but there are cases where the suspicions are correct.

Child Custody

Child custody cases are taken on to ensure that the best interests of the child are being cared for. These cases are typically used to ensure that the custodial parent is actually fit to care for the child full-time, and to ensure the needs of the child are met. We also work to make sure that all the points of a court order are being obeyed, and provide factual information that is in the best interest of the child.

Security for Hire

Our professional private investigators are also trained in surveillance and security, providing full uniformed security services for banks and executives
as needed.
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